5 reasons why Dubai's new supercar ambulance is actually a good idea

Why using a 300km/h Lotus Evora as an ambulance is much more than just a publicity stunt.

Peter Iantorno October 22, 2014

Dubai's emergency services have never been short of equipment with the police famously driving around in a fleet of super cars that would put any exotic car collector to shame. So when it was announced at last week's GITEX technology convention that the Dubai Health Authority would be getting a new modified Lotus Evora, hailed as "the fastest ambulance in the world", it came as no great shock.

A quick look at what happened when Jeremy Clarkson from the BBC'sTop Gear tested the Evora, above, leaves us in no doubt that it's a serious super car. And while some people may think that using a 300km/h super car as an ambulance is a ludicrous idea designed only to boast of the country's great wealth, we actually think it's a stroke of genius. Here are five reasons why:

1. Each driver will be highly trained

It's not like they're going to let any old Tom, Dick or Harry behind the wheel of one of these. Every driver assigned to the car will have to undergo a rigorous high-speed training course so they'll know exactly how to handle the powerful machine.

2. It won't actually carry the patients

Getting into an exotic super car is difficult enough for someone who's not just had a major accident, so we were glad to hear that the Evora will be used only for first responders to get to the scene and stabilise the patients, and not to transport them to hospital. 

3. It will cut response times massively

When your car is capable of reaching 300km/h, it's bound to shorten the time it takes you to reach your destination. And for those who say that it won't be able to get through Dubai's heavy traffic, people here actually tend to be quite good at respecting the emergency services and moving out of the way if they hear a siren or see a set of flashing lights - both of which the Evora will be equipped with.

4. It'll be extremely well equipped

You might struggle to get your golf clubs in the boot of your convertible, but the Evora has been specially modified so it can carry a full paramedics kit, including a defibrillator, oxygen supply and heart rate and blood pressure monitors in the boot.

5. It's good for tourism

Although you could argue that a person in need of an ambulance doesn't really care too much about Dubai's tourist industry, the government has to think of ways of raising the profile of the emirate around the world, and this one of them. Do you think the car will be useful? Or do you think it's just a publicity stunt? Let us know in the comments below.