5 Kickstarter projects to watch out for in 2015

Get onboard early and buy into these cool products before they hit the big time.

EDGAR staff January 27, 2015

As is the way with design and technology, each new year has the potential to be even better than the last, with new and exciting inventions and innovations constantly being dreamed up by forward-thinking product designers and techie geeks all over the world.

Since 2009, crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has made it easier for these projects to get off the ground, by providing a place where the creative minds behind all these products can share their ideas with the world, and ask for donations to help "kickstart" their company.

It's a great place to find out the next big idea, but with 15 diverse categories and hundreds of thousands of potential products, finding the good ones can be a long and laborious process. Which is why we've saved you the trouble!

Here are five cool Kickstarter projects for 2015, picked out especially for you:


What: A clever case that attaches to your smartphone, Prynt turns your mobile into a 21st-century version of the polaroid camera.

You can print your photos in a matter of seconds, and in a futuristic twist, can even use augmented reality to turn those photos into videos that can move and speak (we know, sounds crazy but watch the video below and you'll see how it's done).

Funded: Not yet. This project launches on Kickstarter today, January 27th.

Details: visit pryntcases.com


What: A sleek hardware product that attaches to any standard light switch, Switchmate allows you to remotely control all the lights in your house, apartment or office using your smartphone.

The accompanying app and hub allow you to turn the lights on or off from up with 70 metres away, and even set timers to flick different lights on or off while you're on holiday to make it look like someone is at home.

Funded: Not yet. It's expected to go on Kickstarter between February and March.

Details: visit Myswitchmate.com


What: The ultimate business traveller's carry-on, Trunkster is a revolutionary case that overcomes the annoyances of travel and packs some cool features to boot.

It's completely zipless, meaning quick and easy entry; has a built-in scale, so no overweight luggage fees; and even has GPS, so if it goes missing you know exactly where it is. We want one!

Funded: Yes! Trunkster has racked up almost $1.4 million of funding and is set to be available for shipping from autumn this year.

Details: visit trunkster.co

Next Keyboard

What: An alternative keyboard for the iPhone, Next Keyboard is an app that rids your iPhone keyboard of all its little annoyances.

Featuring a clearer interface, quicker access to punctuation, an easier method of editing text and much more, although it's hardly going to revolutionise your life, the app might just make typing that bit faster.

Funded: Yes! It received more than $65,000 Canadian, and is set to be available on the App Store in February.

Details: visit nextkeyboard.co

The Strop

What: A heavy-duty strop made from high-quality denim and leather that keeps normal disposable razors sharp for up to five times as long.

Ideally we'd all like to use a cut-throat razor, but when there simply isn't the time, at least we want our disposables to be super sharp. Plus, they worked out that if just 10 per cent of men in New York used it, they collectively save almost $30 million per year.

Funded: Yes! It has received more than $34,000 so far, and there are still 16 days to go.

Details: visit shaveface.club