How to buy the Apple Watch in the UAE

Until Dubai’s Apple Store opens, Big Apple Buddy is the friend you need. 

Neil Churchill July 19, 2015

For a country that loves Apple products, the UAE has been given a raw deal for quite some time.

With no official Apple Store – that’s about to change of course, with the world’s largest Apple Store opening in Dubai very soon – residents have to resort to the shady black market if they want the latest device to come out of Cupertino.

But now a New York-based company has a solution, which it says can guarantee UAE residents will receive the Apple Watch before it launches locally.

The name is Big Apple Buddy, although given the nature of the business we seriously doubt the world’s largest brand considers it a ‘buddy’ at all. Set up by two former lawyers from Australia, it specialises in buying Apple items from the US and delivering them to countries where they aren’t available yet.

The company sells non-Apple gadgets too, but unsurprisingly it is the iPhone, iPad and particularly the Apple Watch that UAE residents are clamouring for the most.

“Since launching the company, we have developed a loyal client-base in over 50 countries around the world, spanning from Norway to UAE to Malaysia,” says Ms. Chan, the co-founder. 

“Our clientele is primarily made up of professionals who simply want the latest products quickly and hassle-free.”

For a fee of $40 or less per item, Big Apple Buddy can have your chosen product bought and shipped to you in as little as two to four business days. Until the official UAE Apple Store arrives, that’s about as good as you’re going to get – unless you want one of these Apple Watch alternatives, of course…