The best apps to have in Dubai

From a new social network, to an app that can find parking spaces in The Dubai Mall. Here are five apps everyone in Dubai should have.

Peter Iantorno April 8, 2015

As the famous Apple advert said, "there's an app for that." But until recently that wasn't necessarily true in Dubai, as it lagged behind the likes of the UK and the US somewhat in terms of technological advancement for the smartphone generation.

However, now Dubai is finally catching up, and everyone from the government to local businesses are developing apps that are both interesting and engaging, can save us money and, most importantly, our valuable time. Here are five that everyone in Dubai should have:


Like a social network and travel guide rolled into one, Travall offers a wealth of information on the best places to go in Dubai (and Abu Dhabi) - from hotels and restaurants, to tourist attractions and waterparks. Most locations come with a short yet beautifully shot video uploaded by the app's makers.

The social part of Travall comes in as users are encouraged to shoot and upload their own photo and video reviews of the places they have been, with the users who have contributed most being awarded prizes such as free meals and hotel stays. Finally, the app also includes a voucher section offering exclusive deals that can't be found anywhere else. Well worth getting for anyone who enjoys the social side of the city.
Details: Available on iOS and Android. Visit Travall app dubai


There are apps for pretty much every Dubai Government department, many of which come in handy for speeding up boring tasks such as paying bills and fines. The only problem is, if you download every single one, your phone memory will fill up before you've even had chance to use any of them.

mDubai is a smart solution to this, as it lets you access all the government services under one roof, so to speak. From paying DEWA and other utility bills, to offering location maps and contact details for more than 16,000 service providers, including hospitals, police stations, banks and malls. It may not be the most exciting app in the world, but it's a brilliant time-saver.
Details: Available on iOS and Android mDubai app.

RTA Smart Parking

Anybody who has ever tried to find a parking space in The Dubai Mall at the weekend - or at any time in the week, come to mention it - will be painfully aware of the fact the spaces are rarer than raindrops in a Dubai summer.

But the endless searching to no avail could be a thing of the past, as the RTA has developed a clever parking app that actually shows how many vacant parking spaces there are in any public parking area. Not only that, but the app can be linked with your registration so it can be used to pay for parking when needed, too.
Details: Available on iOS and Android RTA smart parking

Dubai Calendar

Ideal for the UAE newbie or simply someone who wants to keep his finger on the pulse, the Dubai Calendar app, from the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, is a decent tool to keep track of all the latest goings on in the city.

Featuring a catalogue of events, from arts and culture to music and sport, the layout is simple and easy to use and the search function works like a charm.
Details: Available on iOS and Android. Visit 

The Entertainer

Dubai has had the Entertainer for ages, but in the past using it meant either lugging around the encyclopedic blue books everywhere you went, or carefully planning exactly which establishment you'd be going to and studiously tearing out the applicable half-price vouchers.

But those days are long-gone now, as for the same price as the standard Entertainer books, you can download a sleek app that has all the same functionality and none of the boring admin. Winner.
Details: Available on iOS and Android. Visit