Up your travel game with this carbon couture luggage

Queen of the World launches its new five-piece collection, made from English silver, Formula 1 carbon fibre and the finest Italian leather.

August 5, 2015

How do you spot a smart, stylish and sophisticated traveller at the airport? 

It’s not by seeing if he has entry to the business class lounge, or if he turns left when he boards the plane. It’s by what he carries in his hand. 

The time of wearing a jacket and tie for Business Class has long since past; nowadays it is all about comfort. Which is why your carry-on is so important – it is the one thing that speaks volumes of your true personality.

Enter Queen of the World, and its Carbon Couture luggage collection. The new five-piece collection is a hand-crafted amalgamation of silver, carbon fibre and fine Italian leather. 

Conceived by specialist designer Fernando Jordan, the bags are lightweight yet durable, crafted from Folizzo leather and Milanese suede. They use carbon fibre from the world of Formula 1 and English hallmarked sterling silver. The collection is also accompanied by titanium and aeronautical aluminum, and even has goatskin lining. 

The new range includes the world’s most technically advanced travel case, the Charley Esecutivo, and the weekend travel bag the Lungo, with telescopic handles and proprietary wheels. There is also a range of accessories. 

Priced at $300 to $43,000. Visit queenoftheworldltd.com