iOS 10 in the UAE: 10 reasons to get hyped

Apple will now let you send gifs and react to texts in its iMessage app.

Meryl D'Souza June 19, 2016

The dust has settled after yet another Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Here’s what the new iOS will bring to an iPhone near you when it comes out in the UAE this autumn.

Raise to wake

The Apple Watch (like most smartwatches) lights up the minute you lift your wrist to check the time or any other notifications. On that principle, iOS 10’s “raise to wake” feature will use the phone’s motion sensors to turn the screen on whenever you pick it up. You’ll see notifications and messages without having to tap the home button.

Don’t slide to unlock

After being the iPhone’s digital welcome mat for years, Apple will be ditching the “Slide to Unlock” feature. To log into the phone, you’ll now have to activate Touch ID by pressing the home button. Don’t stress about iPhones that don’t have a Touch ID, they’ll be prompted to put in a passcode. Though you should really consider an upgrade.

Lockscreen interactive notifications

In place of the “Slide to Unlock” feature Apple has introduced swipe shortcuts. You can now swipe left to launch the camera app and swipe right to interact with texts without launching into the actual app. 3D Touch for the win!

The all-new iMessage

It’s safe to say that ever since WhatsApp and the like, a smartphone’s native messaging app is the equivalent to Internet Explorer on your PC – you don use or need it, but it’s good to have a backup. Apple’s taken cues for all the best messaging apps in the world to create the new iMessage, watch the video to see it in all it’s glory.

Delete defaults

Apple is not popular amongst its users for providing them with substantial in-built memory to play with. Thankfully with the iOS 10, you can clear up some of that clogged space by deleting the most obsolete apps. We’re looking at you Stocks and Compass.

Siri is growing up and making more friends

You favourite sassy AI, who turns five this year, will play nice with third party developers. This means you can use Siri to reply to texts on WhatsApp or WeChat, call someone on Skype and find you an Uber


Remember when Apple Maps was as useful to the iPhone as David Moyes was to Manchester United? That’s about to change. The new Maps will offer en route traffic reports, slick animations, and a better-designed interface to help search for various points of interests. It still won’t be enough to topple Google’s digital cartography, but at least it’s not totally redundant.


Taking a page from Google’s playbook, Apple’s new Photos app will come with face recognition as well as smart tools that can recognize trips and automatically create a small clip from videos or photos. This clip can even be edited to fit different songs and moods.

Apple Music makeover

With the redesign, Apple makes its music app clean and navigable. There’ll be a new tab for downloaded music and a For You playlist curated by Apple with music they think you’ll like. It’s basically Spotify but updated daily instead of weekly.


Like Samsung, Apple’s new HomeKit app will keep track of everything going on in your smart abode. It can turn on the coffee maker or set lights to dim when you tell it to, and use geofencing so the lights could come on automatically as you’re walking up the drive after work.