5 best unorthodox fitness apps

Here’s how you can make working out alone more entertaining. 

Meryl D'Souza May 8, 2016

You’ve tried and failed – rather miserably – to stick you New Year resolution of reaching the pinnacle of fitness: the six pack abs. Sadly the only six pack you can commit to involves an opener. 

We get it. Working out alone is boring. You need something to get you going. Something on the line and some for of instant gratification. And it looks like your needs have been addressed.

A new generation of apps is encouraging normal people, you know, people who don’t look like Channing Tatum or Cristiano Ronaldo, to treat fitness like a computer game. This could very well be the start of the end for the obesity epidemic.

Zombies, run!

Running can be remarkably dull. Zombies, Run! dedicates itself to appeal to your survival instincts with a storytelling narrative from Resident Evil or The Walking Dead.

The scenario: You’re runner 5, survivor of the zombie apocalypse and part of the Abel Township camp. Your mission, should you chose to accept it or become zombie feed.

7 Minute Superhero Workout

Similar to Zombies, run!, Superhero workout lets you protect the planning from an alien invasion by completing various exercises to activate weapons, shields and abilities. The app has a camera activated motion tracker that helps measure the amount of calories you burn and can also be synced with Apple TV or Chromecast. 

Johnson and Johnson 7 minute

All your excuses for not having enough time are redundant. If you want to get toned, all you need is 7 minutes a day – 11 if you throw in a warm up and cool down session. If zombies and superheroes are too juvenile for you, then simply download this one, grab a chair and get to work. 


Nothing is a better incentive than money. This app gets that. Pact lets you wager bets on whether you’ll get to the gym or complete a workout. The app verifies if you've hit your goals by making sure you check in to the venues where you said you'd pump some iron.

If you meet your goals, prepare for some extra cash. If you don’t, pay up. There are a lot of slackers out there throwing their money away on this. It’s better than a freelance gig. Shape up that body and that bank account. 


Ingress uses augmented reality that forces you to move around your locality and hack portals with your device. You can build alliances and also hack your enemy portals for extra rewards. As this game involves constantly moving around, it provides a nice hike and helps you become more active. Ingress is particularly addictive, so try not to lose focus on the goal.