Driven: Pagani Huayra BC

EDGAR gets behind the wheel of a super rare prototype.

Damien Reid June 25, 2016

If it wasn’t for the kind souls at Pirelli, there’s no way I could have written this piece on the mind-blowingly fast and extremely rare Pagani Huayra BC that I managed to get into for a few ultra rapid laps in Portugal just weeks after its international reveal at the Geneva auto show. 

This was a case of money can’t buy experiences because even if you did have the $2.5 million on hand to buy one, you’re already too late to place an order - and they haven’t even started building them yet.

This car is Prototype #2 of five hand built pre-production specials from what will be 20 cars in total when they begin manufacturing in a few months, and it’s testimony to Pagani’s loyal followers that all it took was 20 phone calls to their existing customers to close the order books permanently. 

Pirelli launched its new P Zero high performance tyre at the Estoril grand prix track near Lisbon and on hand for us to sample the new tyres was a bevy of brawn from Ferrari, McLaren, AMG, Porsche and Lamborghini, but it was the new BC we all wanted to sample. 

This is an even more extreme car than the Huayra we exclusively reviewed in EDGAR last year at the Yas Marina Circuit, offering more power, now pumping out 789bhp from the AMG 6-litre, twin-turbo V12 engine, combined with 40 per cent less weight which brings it down to just 1216kg and improved aero features, notably the rear wing, courtesy of former F1 chassis builders, Dallara. 

The tyres are the new P Zero Corsa that provide unfathomable grip considering all its power goes through the rear wheels only and we were touching close to 300kmh on the back straight after getting to 100kmh in less than three seconds. No sliding or tail-out antics because like the “regular” Huayra, it just buckled down, gripped and fired like an even bigger cannon out of each corner. 

Mr Pagani was once again on hand and explained that the BC stands for the initials of Benny Caiolo who bought the very car Horacio built, the legendary Zonda. So you can see, loyalty means everything to this tightly-knit Italian supercar family that obviously extends to the exclusive choice of tyre. 

As Pagani himself said, there had been no other consideration given for its rubber other than the new P Zero and the most extreme Corsa version at that, for his newest, most exclusive and fastest baby.