Feel the noise: Lamborghini Club UAE has launched

Lambo owners now have an official members club, so expect to see more Huracans in your rear-view mirror.

Neil Churchill April 13, 2016

For years now the UAE has had a special relationship with Lamborghini. Yes the country loves Ferraris and Maseratis too, but it’s Lambos that are thrown in as a complimentary extra when buying a DAMAC property.

So it’s a little surprising to learn that until very recently, there was no Lamborghini members club in the country. But there is now.

Lamborghini Club UAE launched on April 8, cementing the Italian supercar’s presence in the region, just in case there was any doubt after the Bologna manufacturer opened a huge new showroom in Dubai late last year. 

Ahmed Darrag, marketing manager of Lamborghini UAE, said the creation of the club was down to the “passion of the owners and the community”. EDGAR got to hang out with an exclusive Aventador owners club in Italy last year, and we learnt first-hand that being part of a club makes Lambo owners extremely passionate, with impulse purchases not uncommon. Since its opening the UAE branch already has over 80 members.

So what benefits can one expect from being a part of this exclusive society? Organised drives for sure – expect to see colourful convoys of Huracans, Aventadors, Gallardos and maybe even some classics, patrolling the country’s best driving roads, all keeping to the speed limits of course.

Members are also likely to get exclusive access to new Lambos as they enter the market, and with the Aventador to be retired later this year, they should get their first chance to buy a new V12 bull very soon.