Ken Block’s Gymkhana 8 Dubai video has finally dropped

Outrunning Dubai Police’s fleet of supercars, a passenger cheetah and back flipping from a helicopter – this is epic.

Neil Churchill March 1, 2016

When professional rally driver and all-round badass Ken Block turned up at the Dubai Motor Show last year, we suspected it wasn’t just to help unveil Ford’s new GT supercar. 

And indeed it wasn’t. It was also to make the incredible video above: Gymkhana Eight.

If you’re not familiar with Block or his Gymkhana street drifting videos, he’s a driver for the Hoonigan Racing Division in the FIA World Rallycross, and in his spare time he travels the world making videos like the above, drifting around some of the most eye-catching cities. In short, he’s one of the world’s most entertaining and talented drivers. 

San Francisco and Los Angeles have both featured in previous videos, and now it’s Dubai’s turn, which, being Dubai, starts off with a cheetah in the passenger seat and finishes with a backflip from a helicopter into the sea. Also look out for the gold plated handbrake sleeve. 

Block used a 650 brake horsepower, all-wheel-drive Ford Fiesta RX3 to skid and slide his away across the emirate, donuting Dubai Police's fleet of supercars at Meydan, running circles around a two-wheeling F-150 Raptor on an empty Sheikh Zayed Road, and chasing the musical fountains in Burj Park. 

It's every bit as epic as we hoped it would be.