The hills are alive... with the sound of F1

VIDEO: watch Red Bull’s Max Verstappen race down Hahnenkamm's famous ski slopes.

Neil Churchill January 17, 2016

We are still getting used to seeing TAG Heuer’s branding in the F1 world on anything other than a McLaren. But we bet the Swiss watchmaker didn’t think its first official appearance with the Red Bull team would be anything like this.

Ahead of Austria's prestigious Hahnenkamm ski race, Red Bull’s 18-year old driver Max Verstappen took the team’s RB7 – the world championship winning car from 2011 – and let it loose down the alpine peak.

With only a small ride height adjustment and chain-wrapped, studded tyres, the car performed surprisingly well when you consider these machines struggle to stay on track when it rains.

With the pre-hybrid era 2.4-litre V8 engine, we bet the Austrian mountains never heard such sweet symphony. 

Watch the video above.