Watch Mark Zuckerberg’s AI butler in action

He's basically Iron Man without the cool suit, but that’s only a matter of time. 

December 22, 2016

Yesterday, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, unveiled a side project he spent a year coding: a home Artificial Intelligence system named “Jarvis”.

Jarvis can control the lighting of Zuckerberg's home, regulate specific room temperatures and even make toast. It does this by using speech recognition to understand the user’s voice and the context of the command.

To unveil his virtual butler in all its glory, Zuckerberg decided to go with a cringeworthy proof-of-concept video filled with dad jokes and awkward quips like,  "Jarvis, your Mandarin is so soothing". Don’t take our word for it, watch here:

Jarvis comes with facial recognition capabilities that helps it recognise guests at the front door and even keep you posted on the whereabouts of each member of the family within the house. You know, like the cameras do in Big Brother.

It doesn’t end there, Jarvis can even tell you your schedule for the day, teach you languages and improve your taste in music – even Jarvis knows there are no good Nickelback songs. It’s essentially a smarter version of Google Home and Amazon Echo.

In a Facebook blog post, Zuckerberg wrote about how he managed to create Jarvis:

"Before I could build any AI, I first needed to write code to connect these systems, which all speak different languages and protocols… Further, most appliances aren't even connected to the internet yet. It's hard to find a toaster that will let you push the bread down while it's powered off so you can automatically start toasting when the power goes on. I ended up finding an old toaster from the 1950s and rigging it up with a connected switch."

By now, you may have noticed that Jarvis’s voice isn’t the one we’ve grown accustomed to from the countless Marvel movies. For those of you still wondering, that’s Morgan Freeman’s voice. And although we here at EDGAR would have probably gone with David Attenborough, we’re glad Zuckerberg chose Freeman over Arnold Schwarzenegger: 

Although Zuckerberg’s Jarvis is still a far cry Tony Stark’s Jarvis, it’s still great to get a peek at what the future holds for us. Cue technological singularity fears.