This Dubai driving institute has lessons in luxury cars

Why learn in regular rides when you have the chance to learn in a Range Rover Voque or a Mercedes G500.

Meryl D'Souza April 9, 2017

On an average, getting your driving license in Dubai would cost you anywhere between AED 5,000 and 6,000. That figure increases depending on the number of attempts you take to clear.

Those classes can be quite difficult to get through. Besides all the rules and tests, you also need to take time out of your day and get it done. You do have the choice of doing it during the weekends, but that means you have to figure your own way to the institute since the transfer service is only for the people applying during weekdays. Not to mention all the waiting around.

Well, Emirates Driving Institute has introduced a luxury solution to all those problems with its platinum course. Available at AED 30,000, the platinum course by EDI covers all expenses until applicants receive their driving license. Yes, this includes an unlimited number of classes and any number of road tests.

Moreover, the service even ensures its VIP customers do not have to wait in queues like the rest of us common folk to complete formalities. These customers will also have pickup and drop-off services from any location.

The hoopla though is around the involvement of luxury cars. Per Khaleej Times, students who opt for Emirates Driving Institute’s platinum course will be taught to drive in luxury vehicles like the Range Rover Voque or a Mercedes G500. Furthermore, students will even be picked up and dropped off in the luxury car they choose to practice in. 

The next phase of this luxury course is set to include luxury sports cars. Imagine learning to drive in a Bugatti or a police issue BMW i8.