Clooney and Dujardin in Nespresso-Santoni love in

VIDEO: watch the two actors show their penchants for the finer things in life.

November 9, 2014

We love it when a TV commercial brings together two stars of the silver screen. We don't even mind that ultimately they're trying to flog us something, although, there are certainly worse things to be sold than Nespresso coffees and Santoni shoes.

Jean Dujardin and George Clooney team up in this advert for the respective brands, with a comical take on how far each would go to enjoy a Nespresso drink.

Clooney has long been associated with the Swiss coffee company, and it won't be news to fans of Dujardin that the French actor is a connoisseur of Santoni. Put that blend together on the shores of Lake Como and you've got an advert oozing cosmopolitan, sartorial style.

If you like this type of ad, you should watch the Johnnie Walker commercial featuring Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini - they don't come much better.