Top 10 UAE Instagram accounts worth following

From watch collectors to car enthusiasts, there's a lot to double tap from these stylish accounts.

Neil Churchill August 24, 2015

From fashion bloggers to fitness freaks and people who love to document their meals, Instagram has become a national pastime for UAE locals and expats alike.

If there was any doubt as to how popular Instagram is in the UAE, last year a study found that the emirates was the number one Arab country in the world for using the picture sharing website. 

While hashtags and selfies are the prime concern for most, who you follow is also pretty important. After all, Instagram can be a great source for inspiration, so why wouldn't you follow the best? 

From style and watches to cars and clothes, these are our top 10 Instagram accounts to follow in the UAE, for the modern day man.

#1 Watch Anish

Handle: watchanish
Followers: 1.3 million 
Posts: 6,645 

Watch Anish has taken Instagram blogging to the next level, with the brand having grown so large it is currently sponsoring a pan-European supercar tour with Supercars Club Arabia - check out the videos on his page. 

Currently in Dubai, Watch Anish describes himself as a horology and luxury digital ‘influencer’. His Instagram page is loaded with high-end watches and rare supercars, with the occasional style post or other luxury product.

#2 True Gentleman 

Handle: Whatusmenlike
Followers: 200,000
Posts: 796

True Gentleman’s bio says that ‘manners, styling and behaviour’ are what you need to be a certified gent. While we can’t ascertain the first and last from pictures alone, we certainly can the second. 

With posts of luxury watches – favouring Rolex – high-end bracelets, cigars and the occasional meal, you can’t miss the stunning backdrop of nearly every image. It’s also linked to the Instagram page @thetruegentlemenclub, which offers more of the same.

#3 Threads For Gents  

Handle: threadsforgents
Followers: 25,200
Posts: 337 

This account’s general focus on men’s fashion serves as fantastic inspiration for those lacking a stylish mind. Pairing smart blazers with loud trousers, tailored shirts and monkstrap shoes, this page uploads suave looks that you would do well to screenshot.

There is the occasional watch on show, but more attention is paid to pocket squares, shoes and ties, with the emphasis being on style rather than brands. 

#4 Ping Dubai 

Handle: pingdubai
Followers: 20,000
Posts: 1,470

Possibly better known for its YouTube channel, Ping Dubai is a heady mix of all things luxury. From watches and cars to planes and yachts, with a steady amount of food, drink and fashion on the side. If there is an Instagram page that sums up the finer things of Dubai life better than this one, we haven't found it.

Ping's most reoccurring topic is cigars. Never smoked in a boring location, backdrops often include world famous cities and stunning views, with a strong favouring for Habanas. 

#5 Arab Watch Guide  

Handle: arabwatchguide
Followers: 50,100
Posts: 2,001

Back to luxury watches and very few Instagram accounts in the UAE, if any, do it as well as the Arab Watch Guide. EDGAR’s had the pleasure of smoking a few cigars with the man himself, and can personally confirm that his wrist is more akin to a stage for watch pornography than part of his human anatomy.

Occasionally high-end sneakers and a car or two will make an appearance, but this page is all about the rare and expensive timepiece. 

#6 UAE Cars Account  

Handle: uaecars_n
Followers: 7,950
Posts: 3,355

Yes this account shows high-end supercars and luxury saloons aplenty, but it has a niche angle that we also really enjoy; it focuses only on cars with distinctive Emirati number plates.

Personalised plates are of course an expensive market in the UAE, and as such it can be reasoned that a highly sought after plate is going to be mounted on a highly sought after car. We’re not sure how this guy tracks them all down, but he’s damn good at it. 

#7 Elias El-Indari  

Handle: smfblog
Followers: 26,900
Posts: 1,078

Apart from having one of the best men’s blogs in the region, Elias El-Indari also has an inspirational Instagram page. The fashion uploads are a mix of style from beach casual to double breasted smart, while there is a number of travel, motoring and lifestyle snaps. 

Elias is one third of thebrieftv, a trio in the UAE that make short videos on style tips - be sure to watch them. He also recently became an ambassador for Tumi, so expect some luxury luggage in his posts.

#8 Andy Scott 

Handle: andy_scott_uk
Followers: 10,700
Posts: 655 

Andy Scott has one of those Instagram accounts that you could quite easily hate through jealousy. But, the British man manages to get across an air of appreciation and gratitude in his posts, most of which are of him wearing the latest must-have trends or being in some of the region’s most sought-after locations. Such is the tough life of a fashion blogger. 

#9 Mr Moudz  

Handle: mrmoudz
Followers: 54,300
Posts: 2,440 

The UAE’s answer to a male Kim Kardashian – we mean that as a compliment in the Instagram world – it’s hard to keep up with Mr Moudz’ travels. One day he’s in Dubai, the next New York, then Vegas. But what remains constant is his knack for the latest trends and fads.

An ambassador for Namshi, some of his looks you can copy straight off the online shop’s website. Although many – such as his Cartier loaded wrists – you can’t.

#10 EDGARdaily  

Handle: edgardaily
Followers: 1,059
Posts: 342

Of course we weren’t going to compile this list without including ourselves! But far from this being an ego boost, our Instagram page certainly fills the criteria of a stylish account for the modern day man. 

Cars, clothes, yachts, gadgets and some inspirational quotes, EDGAR’s Instagram page is a sure fire way to start your day with a bang, and end it with some flair. 

(All details and figures above were correct at the time of writing, of course.)