What your favourite food looks like cut in half

Photographer Beth Galton has trumped everyone on Instagram when it comes to taking pictures of food.

August 17, 2015

In an Instagram-fuelled world where taking photos of your dinner plate is considered cool, two women have gone one better than us all, by photographing less.

After being tasked with an assignment to cut a burrito in half, photographer Beth Galton and food stylist Charlotte Omnès had a brainwave.

They decided to replicate the idea for several of their favourite foods. That meant cutting, chopping and sawing in half everything from ice cream to cans of soup and even a roast chicken.

Some foods were trickier to slice than others, with gelatin added to solidify liquids, and in some instances multiple images were pieced together in Photoshop, and digitally retouched. 

The clever project is equal parts weird, interesting and awesome. We for one hope this sets an unreachable benchmark for Instagram obsessives who upload images of their food, killing off the cult in the process. Now, who else is feeling strangely hungry?

 All images credit of Beth Galton