Photos of food have never looked this good before

The exhibit by National Geographic Abu Dhabi puts your Instagram breakfast snaps to shame.

Neil Churchill October 9, 2016

Why did taking pictures of your food to post over social media become a thing? It never happened before the age of the hashtag, did it?

Here at EDGAR we’ve never been a huge fan of the arty plate shot, but if its existence is what led to these stunning photographs then we’re willing to get on board the #foodporn trend. 

The below images are from an exhibit held by National Geographic Abu Dhabi for its Moments 2016 competition, of which the theme was ‘food and the traditions of eating in the Arab World’. Moments is an annual photography competition held by the local arm of Nat Geo to support budding photographers. 

The exhibit, held at The Empty Quarter DIFC, showcased the top three winners of this year’s competition (above), alongside a selection of other images from the shortlisted top 50 (below). Entrants were encouraged to shoot their compositions with both traditional and innovative means, including for the first time the use of smartphones.

Now maybe we’re following the wrong people, but we’ve never seen food shots like these on our friends’ Instagram pages, and if we did we’d be more inclined to follow the trend.

For now, we’ll make do with these stunning images.