Burger & Lobster: the joke that became a restaurant

A chat with founder George Bukhov on the new Dubai hotspot, and his plans for Middle East expansion.

Robert Chilton April 10, 2016

EDGAR sat down with George Bukhov, the owner of hot new DIFC restaurant Burger & Lobster, and found out more than we bargained for about the tasty crustaceans. 

Burger & Lobster started as a joke during a conversation on a London rooftop. “What if we opened a restaurant that just served burgers and lobsters?” The next day we thought, actually, that’s quite a good idea.

Most burgers use the edge of a piece of beef, the trim. But our 280g burgers are made from the central part of the beef – they’re luxury burgers. 

We use Australian grain-fed beef, which has a nice amount of marbling that adds flavour. Nothing is added to the meat, absolutely nothing. 

We source our lobsters from Nova Scotia in Canada. They live on the bottom of the ocean where it’s only three or four degrees. 

It’s so cold that there is no bacteria down there so lobster meat is very clean. It’s high in fat and omega oils and is one of the purest sources of calcium. 

Lobsters are very old and can live for decades. They are actually immortal, did you know that? There is no death in their DNA.

We’re expanding Burger & Lobster in the Gulf. Jeddah is next, then Doha. We’re also looking in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Barcelona, Monaco and Dublin.