Dubai’s got a new secret bar hidden in a car park

Open only on Monday nights, HOBO's electrifying space will play music from vinyl records only.

Neil Churchill February 25, 2016

While Dubai certainly isn’t lacking for bars, it’s safe to say the majority of its bars are lacking for humility. That’s what HOBO, a new secret bar is planning to bring to Dubai’s nightlife scene when it opens its doors this Monday. 

Aimed at the city’s edgy and creative crowd, HOBO’s lair is a well-guarded secret, with its stony enclave entrance hidden in an unmarked car park of Sheikh Zayed Road. Only the dapper doormen guarding the black gate give the game away. 

Open only on Monday nights from 11pm–3am, the bearded bartenders will be shaking up an array of signature cocktails, polaroid cameras will be on hand and the sound quality should be better than most venues, as the DJ plays music from vinyl records only.

According to those in the know, HOBO is “the answer for when you’re not quite ready to call it a night” and will be “the exact antidote to suburban sprawl and midlife crisis, a paean to the art of existentialism spurred by the Hemingways of today.” 

The secret details (which now aren’t so secret)

The car park is part of the Nassima Royal Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, so head there and look for the dapper doormen. HOBO holds ten private tables and has capacity for 100 people, so while it’s not pretentious, it may still be difficult to get inside – but not if you keep it a secret.