Here’s what you need to eat to build muscle

Carbs? Protein? Neither? It can be tricky figuring out what foods are best to fuel your weights workout.

January 1, 2017

Executive chef Gabi Kurz from Talise Spa and Fitness Club suggests simple snacks for men who want to build muscle

Frozen banana yoghurt smoothie
Bananas are easy digestible carbohydrates with potassium (good for muscles and nerves). Greek yoghurt and golden flax seeds provide protein.

Mini muesli
Oats are good for slow releasing energy, plus the carbs from fruits break down quickly. The high quality protein of yoghurt helps prevent muscle damage.

Wholegrain sandwich
Try a banana filling. Or avocado with baby spinach and any of these: egg, chicken, salmon or tofu. It’s a good source of carbohydrate for energy.

Expert tip
“Don’t go into a workout when you’re full, but don’t go in hungry either,” explains Kurz. “It is counterproductive to exercise immediately after a meal as

the body needs time and rest to digest food. That’s why generally it is recommended to eat 1-2 hours before exercise. However, small snacks or a drink may be consumed a bit closer to the actual workout time. We can benefit tremendously from smart, small healthy bites around 45 minutes before a workout.”