PSA: Men will end their relationships for steak

Sorry ladies, if you ask your man to choose between you and that succulent rib-eye steak, pack your bags.

Meryl D'Souza August 24, 2016

Ah love. Some people are lucky to find it while some wait their whole lives for ‘The One’ before settling for someone else.

Some are convinced that love is passion, lust or loyalty while others believe love is inheriting a fortune after your elderly partner kicks the bucket. There are a tonne of theories floating around.

Only a handful of wise people know what love is truly about: compromise. It’s about reaching that middle ground with your partner. But it would seem that today’s generation can’t seem to comprehend that. We’re cockily aware that there are just too many fish in the sea.

So, while Romeo and Juliet killed themselves because they’d rather die together than live apart, today’s couples wouldn’t think twice about ditching you if you came between them and, it would seem, their steak. 

That’s according to research firm YouGov, who recently polled more than 1,650 Brits about what they’d be willing to give up in the name of love. Evidently the results weren’t very romantic with 65 per cent of men maintaining that they would not give up on meat if their partners asked them to. Sorry ladies, if you ask your man to choose between you and that succulent rib-eye, pack your bags.

From that study, here’s a list of what men would and would not give up for the woman in their lives.

Moving abroad

52 per cent of men wouldn’t mind leaving everything behind and moving abroad if their girlfriend or wife asked them to. 

Changing surnames

30 per cent of men would have no problem in adopting their wife’s surname after they got hitched.


Sorry ladies, you better start getting used to the wolf pack. 62 per cent of men said they would not cut ties with their friends just to please their girlfriends.

Cigarettes and alcohol

A surprising 44 per cent of men would become teetotallers if women asked them to while 62 per cent claimed they’d give up smoking. 

Shack up with the in-laws

About 24 per cent of men said they would be okay with their in-laws moving in with them. That’s good news, right?

Become vegans

Don’t think so. It seems nothing can separate a man from his meat. 82 per cent of men would rather break up than turn vegans.

For those of you keeping score, men would rather quit their jobs and move to another country than give up on meat.

So there you have it ladies, conclusive proof that not only do men think with their stomachs, but they’d even put them ahead of you if you tried to change their meat habits.