The best places for healthy food delivery in Dubai

Looking to eat clean but still want to order takeout? No problem thanks to these seven places.

Neil Churchill January 8, 2017

Being healthy and ‘eating clean’ usually means doing a weekly shop and spending all your evenings in the kitchen steaming white fish and green vegetables. But Dubai is the land of service and delivery. So when you put the two together, you get a wonderful oxymoron: healthy takeout. 

Now most standard takeout menus have at least one relatively ‘okay’ dish – normally a salmon and broccoli number. But these following places are solely about healthy food, serving nothing but healthy goodness, and most come with nutritional information too so you can keep track of your protein/carb/fat intake. 

Not only that, but there is now a food delivery service that specialises purely in clean and healthy food. is the region's first online ordering platform that is directly aimed at the health-conscious individual; a sign that the region really is embracing the trend. 

Here are the top 7 places for healthy takeout in Dubai.

Under 500
Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, Under 500 does exactly what it says on the tin: all dishes are below 500 calories. Technically you could eat each meal of the day from here and still be well below the advised average intake for a man, which is 2,500kcal. The menu is pretty extensive, ranging from all-day breakfast, small bites and burgers to super bowls, juices and not-that-bad-for-you desserts. 

Currently with two Dubai locations, Business Bay and JLT, they close at 10.15pm most nights so if you're a late eater be sure to get your order in beforehand. Go to

The new concept in town, Stm'd is based on a 10,000 year old cooking tradition adapted to the 21st century, which also happens to be one of the healthiest ways to cook: blast pressure steaming. Using advanced steaming techniques and organic food, the cooking process takes just two minutes. The food comes out with virtually all of its original nutrients and none of the oils or fats commonly used in other cooking processes. 

Serving lunch and dinner options as well as coffee, its USP is the 'You name it... We steam it' option. Fully customisable, you choose a healthy base, what vegetables you want and which protein. They chuck it all together and steam the lot of it. Easy. Go to

The one we all know. Founded in 2010, Kcal has become synonymous with healthy food delivery across the UAE. Its menu is updated often, covering starters, mains, wraps, burgers and even desserts. There’s also a section on healthy shakes and juices, for those of you who don’t yet own a NutriBullet. 

Kcal also offers a five-week meal delivery plan, for those who are really taking it seriously. Go to

Right Bite
With dishes designed by its own dieticians, it’s not a surprise there’s no additives, artificial sweeteners or flavour enhancers on Right Bite’s menu. That said there are some wholesome ingredients, and it’s certainly not a menu of rabbit food. 

The JLT-based business also offers meal plans and office pop-ups, in case the work cafeteria food isn’t doing it for you. Go to

Hako Sushi
One of life’s dieting mysteries: is sushi healthy? It’s raw fish, often with avocado and tiny bits of vegetables, so yes. But it’s also rice, white rice, and sometimes the fish is deep fried, which is a big no.

That’s where Hako Sushi’s USP comes into play. Apart from the standard uramaki rolls and nigiri sushi, the JLT and JBR chain has a section on its menu called Shio Yaki – Japanese for ‘salt-grilled’. Grilled mackerel, grilled salmon and grilled tenderloin beef are all options. Add some greens and you’re looking at a simple but very healthy plate. Go to

Most people’s problem with salads is that they don’t fill you up. They aren’t big enough and most of the time the protein option is barely noticeable beneath the mini forest of shredded iceberg. That’s what Richy’s spotted and decided to do something about. 

Customers can self build their orders: start with the base (pick from seven options including soba noodles and pasta), then choose six vegetables including avocado, chickpeas and quinoa, then your protein option from beef, chicken, prawn, tuna steak and more, throw in some cheeses or nuts if you like, and finish off with a choice of over 20 dressings. If you’ve never been convinced by salads before, trust us and try one of these. Go to

Just Salad
With locations also in New York and Hong Kong, Just Salad Dubai wears an international hat. Its head chef and dietician Laura Pensiero is responsible for the menu, which offers every dish as either a salad or a wrap. There is also a custom option to build your own, and a very impressive smoothie bar menu offering healthy juices.

Just Salad also operates an incentive where by returning the reusable bowls, customers receive complimentary toppings on their next order – saving the planet one salad at a time. Go to