This burger was sold for $10,000 in Dubai

The proceeds will go towards breast cancer awareness and free detection at an earlier stage.

March 19, 2017

Do you ever crave junk food? Of course you do. Everyone does at some point in time. When you do, you either deprive yourself the indulgence or you indulge and then live with the guilt until you hate yourself for giving in so easily. 

One way you can eat away at a burger and not bring yourself down with the guilt is by making sure the proceeds go to charity. Like what Asma Al Fahim, founder of Dubai lifestyle magazine Villa 88, did when she bought a $10,000 burger.

The burger was bought at the ‘Pink Bite’ auction organised by the Pink Caravan aiming to spread awareness about the importance of early detection to fight breast cancer.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani, a member of the royal family of Qatar, teamed up with Russell Impiazzi, the culinary director at Le Gourmet in Dubai’s Galeries Lafayette to create the world’s most expensive burger. In fact, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani was the previous record holder as well. In 2015, he prepared a burger that sold for $7,000 at the same event. 

The $10K burger, dubbed the Seven Emirates Burgerstack, features seven beef patties – one for each of the emirates in the United Arab Emirates – aged cheddar cheese and veal bacon strips in a saffron brioche bun.

The Seven Emirates Burgerstack was one of four that were auctioned, alongside several other dishes. The sale raised a total of $29,633.