5 steps to rebuild your relationship after the World Cup

July 14, 2014

So you've spent the past month watching the best World Cup we've had for years. That means there's been a lot of late nights spent out of the house, days spent catching up on sleep and being grouchy and irritable when your team was knocked out - unless you're German. Quite understandably, your other half isn't best pleased with your behaviour, so now's the time to make it up to her. Here's our guide to rebuilding your World Cup-weary relationship in five easy steps:

1. Tell her you understand

Often, all your partner craves is the acknowledgement that you understand why she is annoyed and your confirmation that you now intend to make a conscious effort to improve your behaviour (at least until your team's domestic league begins of course!) Communication is key here, but if she doesn't want to talk then don't persist for too long otherwise you run the risk of pushing her even further away. In this situation, give her a while to cool off. 42-56874523

2. Give her control

It's time to relinquish control of the TV remote and submit to watching an hour of Sex and the City, or Gilmore Girls, or some other awful chick drama with a storyline that's flimsier than Neymar's back. It might be excruciating, but it'll show her that you're willing to compromise and take an interest in what she likes, so suck it up. If it just so happens that your other half prefers to watch action films, then you're a lucky, lucky man. 42-26113291

3. Take an interest

Watching TV or scrolling through your phone while your other half is trying to talk to you is not good for you nor your relationship. So show her that you care about what she's telling you and put the phone down. Once you've finished reading this article, of course... 42-37440339

4. Surprise her

A bunch of flowers delivered to her office should go some way to making up for the month of mild neglect you've just put her through. If that's not enough, then bring out the big guns and get a nice box of luxurious chocolates or maybe some jewellery. 42-22515820

5. Get away

As long as you're where your friends are, the temptation to head out with the guys is always going to be there. There's nothing wrong with this usually, but as you've just spent more time at sports bars than you have at your apartment over the past month, it's probably wise that you give it a break. A weekend away with your other half is the perfect distraction, and it'll provide a great opportunity for the both of you to catch up and spend some quality time together. 42-20492538