Before Batman, There Was Gotham

May 10, 2014

Of all the make-believe cities across the comic book genre, Gotham is the last one we'd chose to live in. Not being harsh, but it always looks dreadful. However that's probably what makes it the perfect landscape for the gritty and dark Batman stories. So much so, that it's to be recognised as a character in its own right. Gotham is a crime-drama TV series focussing on life in the city before the capped crusader started to flash bat silhouettes onto the night's sky. It focusses primarily on Commissioner Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie, as he takes the fight to the cesspool's mobs and villains. It also features mini-me versions of Bruce Wayne and his nemeses including Penguin, the Riddler and Cat Woman. We're not sure how we feel about that - aren't all children supposed to be sweet? Details: showing on FOX network this Autumn.