Evening etiquette: a gentleman’s handbook - part 2

June 11, 2014
In part one of our emergency guide to evening etiquette we covered knowing your tweeds, how to tie a half windsor knot and why you should never pair a button down collar with your Oxford shoes. We trust it came in handy, and will continue to do so. Now you're looking the part, you need to act like it. Once you've sat down at the top table, be sure to stick to the following: always use cutlery from out to in and don't even consider touching that little fork until desert is served. If you're looking to impress any foreign friends - or better still, when you're abroad - toast in the native lingo and you'll be in their little book of gentleman forever. Provided by our friends at visual.ly, this is part two of your emergency guide to evening etiquette – bookmark it and always have it to hand.