Give your home some Miami glamour

July 14, 2014
Miami’s rich cultural heritage fused with bright 50’s retro styling lends inspiration for one of this season’s hottest interior designs. Think sun-drenched Miami beach, cocktails by the pool house and Ocean Drive’s tropical art-deco hotels, with an uplifting, optimistic mood that’s full of fun.

1. Go heavy on the season’s hot new hues.

It’s no secret that colour transforms a room instantly, and this is no more apparent than with a Miami-inspired setting, where colour so defines the mood. Flamingo pinks, sand swept coral, sunny yellow, aqua and blue all capture the vibe of Miami’s vibrant style. Pairing brights in statement shades really makes the setting speak.

2. Mix refined furniture with flashes of fun.

With a retro edge leading this trend, key pieces retain a refined style. But, with Miami’s colourful buildings and sizzling beach glamour as other strong inspirations, a dash of retro kitsch is a must. Use a mix of furniture styles to achieve this look. indigoliving1

3. Take inspiration from ocean and tropics.

Motifs in a Miami theme are drawn from the wild, which influences its vivid colour scheme. Indigo Living’s plush cushions feature flamingos in hot pink and parrots in yellow. Birds and sea creatures also offer great subject matter for wall prints or smaller frames.

4. Mix patterns and prints for an exotic fusion.

Textured fabrics and layered patterns are key for this look. Indigo Living creates high impact with a chevron rug in sunny yellow and white, Betsy chair in white and blue and thick stripe pastel shade cushions for rooms that are happy-go-lucky and larger than life.

5. Sharpen the look with some shimmer.

Glitz up the glamour factor with some shimmering glass and metallic finishings to avoid an overly casual look. A statement-making mirror adds a polished edge. Details: visit