Guess Which Luxury Carmaker Is Launching An SUV

June 5, 2014
Nobody likes a tease...but in this instance, we'll forgive the antagonist in question. This is the first glimpse of Bentley's new SUV - that's right, we said SUV. There was a time not so long ago when the thought of the British high-end manufacturer making anything other than a high performance grand tourer or luxury saloon would have sent shivers down your spine. But those days have rapidly disappeared in a cloud of off-road dust. First it was BMW, then Porsche and there's rumours Rolls-Royce will even follow suit - hard to believe, we know. But as Bentley's marketing slogan for the new 4x4 reads: 'prepare to see through new eyes'. The carmaker claims to have been working on the new model for four years, though they still won't reveal its name. We do however know that it will go on sale in 2016, 5,000 of them have already been ordered, it is being designed by Luc Donckervolke - the man responsible for recent Lamborghini models - and it will be extremely powerful, probably the fastest SUV on the market. So then, who has their chequebook ready? To register your interest visit