How to... get in shape for summer

June 19, 2014
Gentlemen, it’s time to address the uncomfortable truth. As much as we choose to ignore it, at a certain stage in our lives we all begin to feel the signs of – whisper it – ageing. The distinguished grey hair we can deal with, but less so when it becomes harder to get out of bed in the morning; or when your doctor gives you that disapproving look when you claim that you are obliged to go out several evenings every week to entertain ‘clients’. Now, while we can’t stop the ageing process, there is a way that will help ease the pain. Think of your body as a car. The more you take care of it, the better the performance. Or to put it a better way, if you had a Ferrari 458, you wouldn’t fill the engine with crude oil. Here, personal trainer and fitness expert James Heagney talks us through the basics on how to tune up your body this summer.

Commit to it

There is no point talking about going to the gym over, without actaully doing it – the only person you are kidding is yourself. Using a personal trainer really does help, and it does not have to be a long-term commitment. In 12 weeks, a credible trainer will fast track you to success and more importantly teach you how to build and maintain the body you desire. Think of it as a short-term investment in your health.

Set your goals

Goal setting could be the single most important factor in your exercise regime. It establishes a timeline, direction and most importantly accountability. I recommend working on 12-week training goal cycles; this is long enough to forge results, yet short enough to keep you motivated. It’s a well-known fact that twelve weeks of goal orientated training will produce greater results then 12 months with no direction.


This depends heavily on what your goals are. If you are looking to improve your general fitness and want to stay healthy, then three sessions per week of 45 minutes can be enough. If you want to make body composition changes then you will need to approach this as a lifestyle change. Four to five sessions per week between 45-60 minutes will see results very quickly.

Eat right

Just attending the gym won’t cut it. You will quickly find that you cannot out train a bad diet. Being good during the week and bad at the weekend doesn’t work. I would go as far to say that in relation to reducing body fat levels, your nutrition affects about 80 per cent of the results. Details: visit