Incredible 8-second photos of world famous cities

June 18, 2014
With the fast-paced, day-to-day grind of living in a built up metropolis, many of us are too busy to look around and simply appreciate the man-made beauty that surrounds us. This is what makes the work of Canadian photographer Nicolas Ruel so intriguing. For a number of years, the Montreal native has been working on an ambitious photographic project taking a different look at the world’s greatest cities. Entitled “8 seconds” his project sees him conducting a structural exploration of a city’s architecture, light, and industry ranging from Paris to New York, London and Dubai. Since 2007, Ruel has been refining a double-exposure technique that involves a quick swivelling motion of the camera to capture two different shots in the same location. With this technique, a second shot is laid over the main shot, creating a new and enhanced dimension to the image. The eight seconds refers to the shutter speed used for the photographs. Currently touring the world, Ruel’s exhibition has captured more than sixty cities in forty countries, and is a truly original look at the urban world we live in. Here, we take a look at some of his most captivating shots: ruel5 ruel4 ruel2 ruel3 Ruel1 Details: visit