Lay Yourself Down In A Horizontal Shower

May 7, 2014
If you're a fan of spa suites and beach clubs then why not take the traditional ‘whirlpool bath tub and rainforest shower’ a bit further and install the Horizontal Shower from Dorn Bracht? This watery wonder, inspired by the Vichy shower found in European health resorts, is carefully designed for those inclined to recline. Employing the company’s Ambiance Tuning Technique (ATT) technology, the six WaterBar system offers an infinite variety of different temperature, sequence and pressure settings. An eTool electronic control panel controls the eValves, with three pro-programmed choreographed scenarios. ‘Balancing’ simulates the deep strokes of a massage, with rain showers of alternating temperature and water pressure, beginning at the shoulders and the soles of the feet, before converging at the body's midsection, resulting in an equilibrating effect. Horizontal Shower ‘Energizing’ first produces fine water jets, which precede an intense rain with cascades of water sprayed in varying directions across the body from the shoulders to the soles of the feet. Finally, ‘De-Stressing’ involves a light constant shower, progresses from the shoulders to the feet, while changing water temperature and volume create a wave-like, sweeping flow for gentle relaxation. For those who prefer to ‘try before you buy’, Dorn Bracht have installed a full spa suite in their German show room where products can be tested, providing retail therapy in a very literal sense! Details: visit