Omega marks moon landing anniversary with new Speedmaster

July 17, 2014
Monday 20 June will mark 45 years since one of mankind’s greatest technological achievements (although it is still shrouded in theories of conspiracy.) When Neil Armstrong stepped onto the Moon in 1969, around his wrist was an Omega Speedmaster Professional chronograph. Buzz Aldrin had one too, though he left his on board the Lunar Landing Module. To mark that day 45 years ago, the luxury watch brand has released a special edition timepiece: the Speedmaster Professional Apollo 11 45th Anniversary Limited Edition. Catchy. Fitted with a manual-winding chronograph movement, the watch features a 42mm brushed grey grade two titanium case, with a touch of gold. The black PVD dial has been produced by laser, the indexes, hour, minute, seconds and sub-dial hands are crafted from 18k red gold and the hour, minute, seconds hands and hour markers emit a green light. [gallery link="none" ids="5837,5836,5835,5834"] Just to be sure this unique watch never slips from your wrist, it comes with a nylon fabric strap that was inspired by the watches issued to military personnel during World War II. Only 1,969 pieces will be made – to mark the year the two men landed on the moon – so although you have a better chance of owning one than you do seeing the earth from space, you better hurry up and put your order in. Details: visit