Sass Café Dubai puts Kate Moss on the wall

June 12, 2014
Just when we thought DIFC's Sass Café could not be anymore stylish, the famed Monaco concept has announced a collaboration with a renown local art gallery to adorn its walls with some vibrant colour. Opera Gallery has handed over some of its most eye-catching pieces - including works by Mauro Corda, Karl Lagasse, Laurence Jenkell and Mr Brainwash - adding a sense of contemporary culture to the cafe's throwback Mediterranean glamour. A typically eye-catching Kate Moss piece by Mr. Brainwash will feature alongside Mauro Corda's balloon faces, while Karl Lagasse and Laurence Jenkell's eye-catching glass sculptures will take pride of place behind the bar. As a keen collector of art, owner Samy Sass already has his own father's artistic portrait positioned on the wall, and we imagine Sass senior will be pretty chuffed to have Kate Moss joining him. So next time you're at Sass Café enjoying the authentic Mediterranean cuisine and chic glitzy atmosphere, you'll more than likely get a hefty dose of culture too. Superb. [gallery link="none" ids="3121,3115,3105,3107"] Details: and