Switzerland's Helicopter Hotel

June 4, 2014
For most people, going on holiday is an opportunity to kickback, relax, switch off the brain and enjoy the simple things. Learning how to pilot a helicopter above the Swiss Alps does not fall under that category. But that's the opportunity Hotel Eden Roc in Ascona, Switzerland is offering - and we reckon it's going to be hugely popular. Willing guests will be flown - by helicopter of course - from the five-star hotel located on the shores of Lake Maggiore, to San Vittore - a former military airfield. There, the soon-to-be pilot will be taught everything they need to know about flying - presumably how to take off, not crash and land intact - before taking to the skies. The new kings of the air can then enjoy a glass of champagne on their safe return to land - we reckon they may need something stronger. In the ever muscle-flexing industry of luxury hotels there's no doubt it is a unique offering...and the five-star resort's not bad either. [gallery link="none" ids="2326,2325,2324,2327"] The offer runs until 31 October and costs 2,200 Swiss francs per person - about AED 9,000. For more visit edenroc.ch