The History Of The World In 100 Objects

May 25, 2014
As far as a species goes, mankind has done pretty well for itself – well, that’s if you overlook the history of bloodshed and violence. But in terms of cultural development, none of the planet’s other inhabitants come close. To demonstrate this, Abu Dhabi’s Manarat Al Saadiyat will be hosting the acclaimed exhibition The History of the World in 100 Objects, for 100 days until August 1. With artefacts picked from the extensive collection at the British Museum in London, the UAE exhibition gives particular focus to a series of objects that showcase the history of material culture in the Arab world across different epochs. Curated by the British Museum’s Becky Allen, the exhibition will feature objects such as a lifelike cast bronze hand from Yemen that was made between 100BC and 300BC; an Egyptian granite statue of the pharaoh Ramesses II discovered on Elephantine Island at the Temple of Khnum; and the famous Royal Game of Ur – found in a royal cemetery in southern Iraq and estimated to be around 4,500 years old. Held in the lead up to the opening of the Zayed National Museum in 2016, the exhibition will also be complemented by a series of talks and workshops discussing the similarities that connect human beings across time and place. Details: Manarat Al Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi, until August 1. For more visit