The making of Hermès’ Arceau Millefiori

July 13, 2014
Here at EDGAR, we're unashamedly fans of eye-catching watches that really stand out from the crowd. But we'll be honest, we've never given too much thought to how these timepieces are made. We've always preferred the wonderment when captivated by a piece of art rather than knowing how it was done, and the same applies to our watches. However, we're making an exception for this video, because it really is quite awesome. Put together by, the clip shows how Hermès makes the multicoloured crystal dials for its new Arceau Millefiori line of watches, at its fabled Cristallerie St-Louis in France. The video shows the extremely high level of craftsmanship involved that goes into making these canes of colourful crystal, as well as the co-existance of glassmaking traditions and horology. We're glad we broke our rule of not knowing. Next time we see one of the Arceau Millefiori, we'll appreciate it a whole lot more. Details: visit