The new Beats Studio losses its wires

June 26, 2014
Since Apple, the world's biggest company, acquired the Beats headphones brand for $3 billion last month, we've been waiting to see what the first new product to come out of the relationship would be. How could the Dr Dre line of headphones add to what it already offered: adaptive noise cancellation, a rechargeable battery, the ability to take calls, skip songs and change the volume using only the headphones? In the meantime, an incredibly cool World Cup ad featuring Neymar and co. sent YouTube into a frenzy. But finally we have the new product, and the update? It's wireless. Yes the newest version of the Studio has done away with the ever-tangling wires, instead using a Bluetooth connection that provides up to 12 hours of continuous playback, allowing you to roam up to 30 feet away from your audio device without losing connection. [gallery link="none" ids="4248,4297,4300"] And for those longer trips where you need a bit of extra juice, you can connect the Studio to your audio device to get up to 20 hours use before the battery needs to be recharged via a handy micro USB. We also like the ANC-only mode, which automatically increases the level of noise cancellation to the point when you can put the whole world on mute. Perfect for that noisy flight when you just want to get some rest. Available in either matte black or titanium and coming with all the accessories you need, including a hard-shelled carrying case, the new wireless Beats Studio could just represent the best AED 1,599 you spend this summer. Details: visit