The top 100 companies we would all love to work for

October 29, 2014
When you meet someone for the first time and you tell them the company you work for, do they say: "Oh wow! That's an amazing company I've always wanted to work for them." If not, and instead you're fed up of hearing "Oh, I've never heard of them. What do they do?" then you probably need to start working for one of these 100 companies. This is the world's 100 most in demand employers, according to LinkedIn. The professional networking site analysed over 10 billion data points between members and companies and compared the data with surveys by thousands of members. The site also studied things such as employee profiles, company pages and companies that are followed, although it left out LinkedIn's own score to remain objective. We wonder, where would it have come?

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Just two Middle Eastern companies make the list - Emirates and Etihad. Unsurprising really, given the global reach of both brands is incomparable to other local businesses. Here's the full list of 2014's most in demand employers, starting with the top 10: 1. Google No surprises here really. Its headquarters in Mountain View, California, is the stuff of legend with slides, sleeping zones and its own bowling alley. Google Googleplex headquarters office. 2. Apple Working for Apple in the Middle East will soon be a reality when the first Apple store in the region opens in Dubai next year, as we exclusively told you here. 3. Unilever Unilever's website says it is currently recruiting an IT analyst for ice cream... what?! 4. Microsoft If you get a job here, don't ever walk into work carrying an Apple product. Microsoft headquarters office. 5. Facebook The ability to spy on all your friends and colleagues through some secret Facebook formula would be too tempting. 6. Amazon (main picture) We'd give it two weeks before your home would be rammed full of books, electronics and accessories you don't really need all ordered from the company's website, with next day delivery of course. 7. Procter & Gamble Your home essentials would forever be purchased at discount, probably. Procter & Gamble good company to work for. 8. GE GE’s motto is that it “works on things that matter.” Boom. 9. Nestle S.A. We’re all thinking it…a lifetime supply of chocolate… 10. PepsiCo You could literally never go thirsty working at this place: Tropicana, Gatorade, Pepsi. Morning, lunch and dinner. PepsiCo jobs. Places 11 - 50 of the most in demand companies are as follows: 11. Johnson & Johnson 12. Shell 13. McKinsey & Company 14. The Walt Disney Company 15. BP 16. Nike 17. Pfizer 18. The Coca-Cola Company 19. 20. Chevron 21. Novartis 22. L’Oreal 23. Twitter 24. The Boston Consulting Group 25. Ogilvy & Mather 26. Danone 27. Yahoo 28. Bayer 29. VMware 30. Uber 31. Tesla Motors 32. Deloitte 33. Bain & Company 34. ExxonMobil 35. Total 36. Burberry 37. Adobe 38. JWT 39. Siemens 40. Accenture 41. Cisco 42. Chanel 43. Goldman Sachs 44. Netflix 45. LVMH 46. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 47. ConocoPhillips 48. WorleyParsons 49. Diageo 50. Schneider Electric Places 51 - 100 of the most in demand companies - including the two Middle Eastern entries - are as follows: 51. Roche 52. Emirates 53. NBCUniversal, Inc. 54. Conde Nast 55. Hilton Worldwide 56. H&M 57. Schlumberger 58. Warner Bros. Entertainment Group 59. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts 60. Airbnb 61. Razorfish 62. Fox 63. Sephora 64. Adidas 65. Expedia, Inc. 66. Inditex 67. Electronic Arts (EA) 68. 69. MasterCard 70. Weatherford 71. Bechtel Corporation 72. UNICEF 73. Leo Burnett 74. Baker Hughes 75. GSK 76. Lego Group 77. Juniper Networks 78. Spotify 79. HBO 80. Starbucks 81. Honeywell 82. Etihad Airways 83. Anglo American 84. Sony Pictures Entertainment 85. Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company) 86. CH2M Hill 87. Dell 88. Red Hat 89. Under Armour 90. Statoil 91. BMW Group 92. IFC – International Finance Corporation 93. Avaya 94. Rio Tinto 95. Huawei Technologies 96. Kellogg Company 97. Oracle 98. Gucci 99. Vale 100. IBM Details: for the list's source visit: