Velsvoir - Specialists In Bow Ties, Pocket Squares & Lapel Braces

April 3, 2014

They might be new to Dubai’s Fashion Forward this season but the three brothers behind Velsvoir - Zak, Talha and Zubair Timol – have been reinvigorating the bow tie since 2012, gaining several high-profile customers along the way. We caught up with Zak and Talha (pictured) to find out the answers to the questions every man should know when pulling on the finer accessories in life.

What's the trick to pulling off a bow tie?

Always wear a bow tie with confidence! You can wear a bow tie for a garden party, afternoon tea or indeed a casual stroll pondering life.

How do you make a bow tie look modern?

At Velsvoir, it’s the textures and fabrics we use that make the ties look modern and the silhouette is also a unique shape. Fabric is merely down to personal preference. We have designed some wacky and wonderful pieces from stingray, pony hair and eel to tweed, basket weave and even metallic foil!

Should your pocket square colour match with your outfit?

Your pocket square should co-ordinate to your ensemble to a certain extent. But if you feel a little rebellious you can play around with different styles. Just beware; it takes a certain level of flair to pull off unmatched colours. [caption id="attachment_601" align="aligncenter" width="597"]vv We can promise you a velvet bow tie is worth the investment. We can't promise you a gorgeous brunette will wear one for you however.[/caption]

Can you wear a pocket square anytime you wear a jacket?

Most definitely. A pocket square is not only for suits, it can also be paired with the informal such as a denim jacket. Any pocket is a home for a pocket square!

What type of pocket square styles are there and for what occasions?

Pocket squares are traditionally found in silks and cotton and traditionally stick to plain styles or polka dot. For black tie events, it is encouraged it have your pocket square the same material as your tie but not the same pattern. Velsvoir has introduced the velvet pocket square, which adds a different dynamic to your outfit.

When should you wear lapel braces?

When shouldn't you?! Lapel braces can be worn as an alternative to a waistcoat as it follows a similar silhouette around the neck. It can also be worn on its own paired with a shirt or indeed with a blazer too. We have a variety of styles and colours so it can be worn as formally or informally as you please.

Are there any circumstances where braces can be worn with a belt?

We would advise against such practices! Details: