Viktor & Rolf: the daring duo of design

September 20, 2014


The inspiration for our designs and collections comes from our personal experiences. We like to look at our fashion shows as a form of self-expression, drawing inspiration from the world around us and communicating what is on our minds. For example, our ‘zen garden’ couture show [Autumn/Winter 2013] was intended to convey a personal sense of serenity, as well as reflecting on the idea that everything in the universe is connected.


When we first started designing menswear, the initial aim was to create a collection that we could see ourselves wearing. In a sense, we designed with ourselves in mind. Over the years, a strong design signature has developed that we want to share with likeminded guys who have the same lifestyle.

The new collection

For our Fall/Winter 2014 Monsieur collection, the core idea was that men are not always at work, and therefore we wanted to bridge the gap between classically sartorial menswear and something more causal like sportswear. We wanted to push that idea as far as we could, even creating pieces that are half-tailored–half-sports. Our favourite pieces from the season’s collection are the Piet Parra illustrated T-shirts. New Official Portrait Kim Hyungsik 2014 BONBON

Starting out

We’ve been friends since we met in the fashion department at art school in Arnhem, Netherlands. Then shortly after graduation we set up our label. It’s not the case that one of us is more creative and the other is more practical – we generally tend to work in tandem as one brain complementing the other’s ideas. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been working together for more than 20 years.

Personal style

If we were going out to a nice restaurant with friends, we would probably wear an embroidered T-shirt with a slim-fitting jacket. It’s interesting to note that men’s tailoring hasn’t really changed in the past decade. Silhouettes have tended to stay very narrow and slightly feminine. We’d probably accessorise our look with some jewellery – we’ve both recently started wearing a lot more rings, each of which has specific meanings.

Today’s man

If there were three things that we think the modern-day man should have, they would be modesty; a sharp sense of humour and a good hairdresser. Details: Viktor&Rolf Fall/Winter 2014 collection is available from Saks Fifth Avenue, Burjaman. For more visit