What to do if your nude photos leak

September 2, 2014

Just when things were starting to die down after the original nude photos leak a few weeks ago, which affected more than 100 celebrities including Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, another raft of naked photos and videos have found their way on to the internet. This time the likes of Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and poor old Jennifer Lawrence (again!) have been affected. With this latest news, we thought it the ideal time to refresh your memory on what you should be doing if your naked photos find their way into the public domain. Obviously the best way to avoid this happening is simply to never take them at all! But if you insist on following this bizarre trend and then your privacy is compromised (which, in all likelihood, it will be at some point), then you must act. Here's what to do:

1. Act fast

The longer the silence, the more the rumours will spread and the more the photos will be shared.

2. Deny all knowledge

You know absolutely nothing about these images, you've never taken a risqué photo. In fact, you don't even own a camera phone.

3. Give a feasible excuse

It's obviously a Photoshop job; with the skill people have on that program nowadays it's possible to create any image you like. Either that or it's a very accurate butt double.

4. Move on

After keeping your head down until the dust settles, get back out there and get your name known for the right reasons.

5. Don't make the same mistake again

You managed to get out of jail the first time, but if any other embarrassing images were to find their way into the wrong hands then there'd definitely be no coming back.