Why do people quit their jobs?

July 23, 2014

Losing good employees is much more than just an annoyance – it can have a disastrous effect on your business. From the disruption of workflow to the potentially costly and time-consuming process of hiring new staff (there’s more on how to do that here), replacing your best people is a tough task. The best solution is to never lose your staff at all, but keeping everyone happy is much easier said than done. A good place to start is finding out why employees want to leave. While it's easy to think it all simply boils down to money, according to this infographic from human resources company BambooHR that isn’t the main reason for employees quitting, The number one issue that forces people to jump ship is lack of career advancement, closely followed by a poor work/life balance, with money in third place. So, have a read below and be better prepared to keep your employees: 1405447191-why-people-actually-quit-jobs-infographic