World’s first Hybrid GPS Radio Control watch arrives in the GCC

September 24, 2014

A while back we wrote an article outlining what your choice of watch says about you. So, by our reckoning, the main clientele for this timepiece will be either former Navy Seal hard men, rich rappers or mad scientists. In any case, the arrival of the world's first hybrid radio control watch to the GCC is likely to cause quite a stir in the watch world. Featuring a hybrid timekeeping system that uses GPS signals as well as radio wave time-callibration signals from as many as six stations across the world, the G-SHOCK GPW-1000 has been precision engineered to keep perfect time in even the most extreme of circumstances. The innovative hybrid used by the watch means that whenever stander time-callibration signals are not available - in ares with poor coverage, for example - the watch switches to GPS satellite signal, which employs high-resolution map data to determine a precise location for the user, and therefore make accurate time adjustments, keeping time nigh-on perfectly. [gallery link="none" ids="8670,8671,8672,8673,8674"] As well as being unerringly accurate, the GPW-1000 is also incredibly tough and able to resist shocks, centrifugal force, vibrations, scratches and pretty much anything else you can throw at it - as you'd expect from any G-SHOCK model. Details: Available throughout the GCC. Visit