10 reasons why only the strong survive in the UAE

Why the weak get lost while the strong thrive in the emirates.

EDGAR staff October 27, 2014

For most people who move to the UAE, the first month is seriously testing. Not only have you got to settle into a new job, but you've also got to find a place to live, buy furniture, open a bank account, set up all your utilities and basically start rebuilding your life from scratch. In the early days when everything seems like a struggle, it can be pretty tempting to throw in the towel and return to your home country, and anyone who's not strong-minded enough will probably do exactly that.

However, if you can get through the initial difficulties and prove that you've got what it takes to be successful in the UAE, you'll be richly rewarded with the amazing lifestyle this cosmopolitan country offers. But remember, only the strong truly thrive in the UAE. Here are seven reasons why:

1. Scope for rapid progression
The UAE may be streets ahead of the competition in some fields, but it is also still developing in others, which means that if you've got the talent and the drive, you can progress in your career extremely quickly. 

UAE businessmen

2. You have to be employed
Unless you're being sponsored by a family member or partner, you need to get sponsored by a company in order to get a UAE visa, which means you have to hold down a job or you'll be kicked out the country. It's as simple as that.

3. Work hard, play harder
While the working hours can be long and coming into the office at weekends is commonplace, the UAE has such a vibrant social scene that to truly experience the country, you always need to have some energy left to party after work is over.

4. The social scene
That said, if you don't learn how to play the social scene it will end up playing you. You can go out every night, capitalising on the free drink offers and lure of launch nights, and use the social butterflies to improve your personal contacts. Or you can take every chance encounter to network and obtain a few business cards. Only the strong-willed will reap the benefits. atlantis fireworks display Dubai.

5. Competition is fierce
Increasingly, the large, tax-free salaries and ambitious projects in the UAE mean that some of the world's best talent is coming here. As competition rises, employers demand much more from their staff, so in order to stand out from the crowd, you have to put in some serious work.

6. Things move fast
Although it might not seem like it when you're waiting for a meeting to start that's already two hours late, business in the UAE moves fast. One minute a company can be just getting off the ground, the next it's a market leader. If you can get involved early, the potential for growth is massive.

7. There's no safety net
As most people move away from friends and family in order to come to the UAE, if and when things go wrong, it can seem like there's nobody there to lend a hand in your hour of need. Dubai man looking out over city.
8. Blank canvas
If you don't start a business of your own in the UAE, then you probably never will. The Gulf markets and economies are nowhere near the levels of maturity in other parts of the world and as such, there are plenty of opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. It puts you in front of a blank canvas; either you are confused with no vision and never pick up the brush, or you grab the opportunity by the horns and you make things happen.

9. Business fight
That said, if you do start your own business, you have to be able to fight for it. Laws around starting and running a business can be difficult to interpret and getting things to happen quickly is near impossible. You will need to fight for your idea to become a reality. 

10. The ability to form new relationships quickly 
Dubai is a very transient city, and although there are a few people who are here for the long haul, the majority come for a few years, earn their money then move on. This means that being outgoing and having the ability to form new relationships is absolutely vital. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below.