Morning Habits, part 1: Alessandro Sartori

Berluti's artistic director opens up his stylish routine to EDGAR

Matthew Priest June 24, 2015

The key to a productive career is a morning well spent. We've always said that - seeBut it's nice to know that some of the region's most successful businessmen agree with us. 

Welcome to part one of our Morning Habits series; seven interviews with seven men at the top of their industries, as we delve into their morning routines to try and suss out tips and clues to their successful lives.

Over the course of the series we'll speak to the CEO of a leading Swiss watch company, a man who went from banking to creating his own jewellery brand, two Emirati entrepreneurs, the CEO of a leathers goods company and the creative director of a global luggage brand.

First up though is one of the leading minds in French fashion; a man who EDGAR recently worked with on a photo shoot.

Alessandro Sartori - artistic director, Berluti

The impeccable 49-year-old is the creative brain behind the fashion powerhouse Berluti. Having lived in the centre of Paris for four years, the Italian feeds off the energy that big cities bring, but admits that he needs to recharge his batteries with some daily ‘me time’.

What time do you wake up?

I’m not a great sleeper, so I am normally up at 7am. I tend to go to bed quite late because I work until around 9pm and when I get home I like to relax and cook. On my way home I like to stop at local shops and buy good quality food, and then cook it. I’ll then have a glass of red wine and maybe read a book. I tend to stay up until about 1am, because it means I can sleep through until 7am.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

I converted a room in my apartment into a workout studio. Every morning I do 30 minutes of exercises just using my body – no weights.  It is helpful because I can do the same routine wherever I am, like when I am travelling for example. It is a great way to wake my body up and even if I’m really tired afterwards I feel energetic and ready for the day. 

When do you send your first email?

I check my phone first thing in the morning to see what the latest news is, but never to send work emails. An old friend of mine told me that if there is an urgent decision you must make, you must take time to think it through. Don’t reply in haste without thinking. So, I don’t write emails at 7am, I will start sending them at 8.30am after my breakfast, once my brain has fully woken up. 

What is for breakfast then?

I don’t tend to eat big lunches, so breakfast is important to me. I will usually cook something for breakfast – I love salty things, so something like scrambled eggs. I usually buy a baguette the night before, which I will often have with some fresh marmalade and a freshly made fruit juice.  

How do you get to work?

I live in central Paris so I walk to work. It only takes about 15 minutes. I create music playlists that I listen to when I walk. Generally, it is beautiful classic music or classic jazz, but quite often I listen to electronic music like Depeche Mode or bands like Hurts and Placebo.

I really need to listen to my music in the morning, it allows me to not have to talk to anyone so I can concentrate on a bit of ‘me-time’ 

What are your media habits?

There are three newspapers that I read in the mornings: Le Figaro, The Wall Street Journal and Corriere Della Sera. I read them on my iPad for 30 minutes before starting my work. I love discovering new websites, because I tend to get bored quickly. So, I will read a website for a few months and then try and find other ones. 

At the moment, there are three that I really love: Monocle, Wallpaper and Each one is different, but informative and very readable.

Tune in next time for the morning routine of one of the horology world's biggest names...