Qatar ranked 6th safest country in the world

The Gulf state is the safest Arab country in the Middle East with no other GCC nations ranked in the study.

Neil Churchill September 3, 2015

Over the last few years, partly due to its winning bid for the Fifa 2022 World Cup, Qatar has been described with a myriad of adjectives. 

One that perhaps doesn’t get used enough though is ‘safe’. 

According to a study by research company Value Penguin, the tiny gas-rich Gulf state is one of the safest countries in the world.

The report divided the world’s countries into three groups according to populations: big countries of 20 million or more, midsize countries of 5-20 million, and small countries of five million or less. 

Placed in the small countries category, Qatar ranked 6th in the list, ahead of similarly sized Malta, Albania, Slovenia and Croatia. 

Overall, the five safest countries in the world across all three categories were Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, Japan and Cyprus. 

The study’s methodology focused on collecting data on a variety of safety-related topics, including a country’s quality of water sources, rates of kidnapping and prevalence of drugs between borders. 

The report then focussed its data on seven points related to everyday safety, including population, CO2 emissions, police personnel, traffic deaths, thefts, assaults and life expectancy.

While no other GCC countries made the list, the United States’ Overseas Security Advisory Council considers the entire Gulf to be rated low in political violence and crime.

But if you live in Qatar, well then you’re probably as safe as you can be in the Middle East.