10 New Year resolutions to boost your career

Tips to put yourself on the right track for promotion in 2017.

Sophia Fromell January 2, 2017

Do some serious planning
Write down what you want to achieve this year. Review your goals regularly to assess whether you are on track. Do not hesitate to adjust or fine-tune your goals. As circumstances in your personal or work life change, you will have to adjust your goals to reflect these changes.

Appreciate what you have
Often we are so set on achieving the next big thing that we may overlook what we have already achieved. Take the time to review your journey so far, appreciate your achievements and give credit to yourself for what you have done and accomplished. Then, move on to the next stage.

Be more organised
Get a good start on the New Year by getting yourself more organised. Try to prioritise items on your to-do list on the basis of importance vs. urgency. Items that are neither urgent nor important should go at the bottom of your list. Items that are both urgent and important should go to the top. If you have a disproportionate amount of urgent and important items on your list, you are fire fighting, which leaves little time for strategic planning and thinking. 

Reduce stress
There is good stress and bad stress. The difference between the two is based on duration and perception. Good stress is what motivates you to work efficiently towards a deadline. Once you achieve this deadline the stress is over. If however stress persists for a longer time, it can become chronic stress.

To eliminate bad stress, identify what is stressing you and try to decipher which of these stress items you have influence over. Working on what you can influence can reduce your stress levels. Ignore what you cannot influence and learn to accept that you cannot change what you do not have control over. 

Improve your work-life balance
Take a look at your work routine. If you are consistently working long hours, without seeing the results you want then you are doing something wrong. Being in the office just for the sake of being seen there is not going to get you any closer to that desired promotion.

Work smart instead of hard. Ensure that you find the time to leave the office at a good time and do something for yourself, whether this is spending time with the family, enjoying a hobby or being with a friend.

Stay fit
This is one of the most common and yet least achieved New Year’s resolutions. Make sure you find the time to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. No promotion is worth risking your health for.

Improve your attitude
One of the most common reasons employees are overlooked for promotion is not an inability to do their job but rather a personality that conflicts within the organisation. This supports why people don’t really leave jobs; they leave their managers.

Remember that you need to see through the daily stress and politics and focus on the real problem at hand; be a good communicator, show empathy and demonstrate effective leadership behaviour, keep your goals in mind and you will thrive in your career.

Take initiative
Do not wait for your boss to tell you what needs to be done, look for interesting projects you want to get involved in. This will give you the opportunity to learn new things as well as get exposure to other areas within the organisation.

Work hard and play hard
Make sure you always find the time to fit in some fun in your life. A stellar career means nothing if you can't enjoy your life outside work. Richard Branson says that the keys to maintaining balance in life are flexibility, delegating work and prioritising time for fun.

Follow your passions
Whether you’re looking for a promotion, a new job or even thinking of starting your own business, make 2016 the time to do it. Take the time to think and decide what it is that you really want. You might find that this new goal scares or intimidates you, but that’s fine! That is how personal growth is achieved. You have got to stretch yourself and get out of your comfort zone.

Sophia Fromell is a qualified life coach with a degree in Life Coaching Skills and Practice from Newcastle College, UK and a Board Member of Dubai Chapter of The International Coach Federation, (ICF). To find out more visit ithaca-life.com