Dubai-based businessman buys a mobile number for AED 4.5m

Balwinder Sahni, a.k.a the man who bought the D5 number plate for AED 33 million, strikes again.

Meryl D'Souza February 26, 2017

If you were filthy rich, what would you spend money on? Your answer would probably be a new house, better car or something along those lines. Those purchases are understandable.

The problems start when you have more money that you really need. That’s when you start spending your hard-earned money on unnecessary things. Don’t believe us?

Presenting Balwinder Sahni, the owner of RSG International group, a property management company. Last year, the man spent about AED 33 million on the D5 number plate that is now part of one of his Rolls-Royces.

And now, he’s done it again. At a du auction at the Grand Hyatt Dubai Convention Centre last night, Sahni dropped AED 4.5 million on an exclusive du mobile number. The number he purchased was 058-8888888. The telecom company announced the sale of the number on its twitter handle:

Speaking to Khaleej Times, the Dubai-based businessman said, "I can never use this number. I got it in my hands at 8:30 pm today and till now, within just 2 hours, I've received 1,000 calls."

So why did he spend so much on a number he won’t even use? Well apparently, Sahni owns the same number in India. So he basically spent nearly AED 5 million on a collector’s item.

Surprisingly, this isn’t even the most expensive mobile number ever sold. That accolade belongs the number 666-6666, which was sold for a little over AED 10 million. In fact, Sahni’s number isn’t even the most expensive number of the UAE. In 2014, the number 050-7777777 was sold to a Dubai-based businessman for AED 8 million.

Of course, Sahni isn’t an exception to the “rich people buying absurd things” rule.