Exclusive: Chelsea’s Cesc Fàbregas speaks to EDGAR

The Spanish playmaker has given us an exclusive interview as he assesses his first season back in the English Premier League.

Neil Churchill February 1, 2015

Describe your first season back in the Premier League so far. How has it been?
It’s been great so far, I’m enjoying it a lot. The Premier League has definitely improved since I left three years ago. The passion is still the same - from the fans, the players. Physically it has always been a really hard league because it is so competitive, but tactically it’s now much better. I think to break down defence these days is more difficult than before.

From your first game back in the Premier League, it was like you had been playing with Chelsea for years. Were you surprised how easily you adjusted to playing for a new team?
I was lucky to have a good pre-season. We played four or five games and that really helped me find my rhythm. We have a very young and talented squad and I get on well with everyone, so that made my introduction really easy. 

What impresses you about Chelsea as a club? What can the side achieve this season now they are out of the FA Cup? Can they realistically compete for three trophies?
It’s a very well structured club. The people inside the club, the people who work for Chelsea are really nice and make you feel very welcome and I settled in very quickly. It’s been very positive. It’s obviously difficult to say, but at the moment we are still competing in three of them, so I’d never say never. We will try our best, but we’ll only see at the end of the season.

How important is Matic in that holding role for Chelsea to enable you, and other creative players perform further up the pitch?
It’s called the holding role, but I don’t think he is the typical holding midfield player. He runs a lot, he is all over the place because he loves winning battles and he loves winning the ball back. So we move quite a lot in midfield and everyone helps, but definitely Nemanja is a key player for us because his defensive attributes are really important for the team.

You have played a lot of football this season. Do you feel that’s the case - are you tired, is your body tired?
No, you know, this coach [Jose Mourinho] knows very well what he does. We play a lot of games but he also gives a lot of freedom to the players. If he feels that players are playing a lot, that they are getting tired, he will give you three days off, so you can rest and spend time with your family. He is very intelligent and he is doing very well. Cesc Fabregas Puma. What you think of the new evoPOWER boot?
It’s really good. I tested it for a few weeks, the boot felt really comfortable, it’s actually the best boot I have ever worn. They are very comfortable, they are light, and your touch with the ball is even better than with the previous boot.

What is more important: power or accuracy?
Both are very important, but I believe more in accuracy because the power is more about how physically strong you are, and accuracy is about the technical ability that you have. So, I personally believe more in accuracy. I am definitely an accuracy player, 100 per cent.

Cesc Fàbregas is a Puma ambassador. He wears Puma's evoPOWER 1.2 boot.