Get army fit at Barry’s Bootcamp Dubai

EDGAR signs up for a class at international fitness phenomenon Barry’s Bootcamp, now in Dubai.

Robert Chilton March 13, 2017

It started in West Hollywood in 1998 with the mantra: “drill sergeant tactics and a night club party atmosphere.” Barry’s Bootcamp quickly became a craze and opened numerous clubs around America and Europe, attracting celeb fans such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba. Now the punishing cardio/weights workout joins the Dubai fitness scene. Here’s what you need to know:

Welcome: The lobby of the DIFC club in Central Park Towers is bright and light, with a range of Barry’s clothing, a reception desk, and a fuel bar manned by friendly folk whipping up protein shakes and smoothies – EDGAR recommends the delicious PB&J. Check out the inspirational mural that says, ‘Work (out) hard and be nice to people.’ Wise words, Barry.

The exercise room: The doors crash open and a trainer welcomes you into a dark room of black and red. It looks like Darth Vader’s living room on the Death Star. But that’s ok; the darkness helps you get in the zone. And nobody wants you to see sweat, grunt and puff.

Workout: One guy summed it up perfectly after the class, “It wasn’t easy, but I liked it.” Sessions are 50 minutes and different every time – abs and arms one day, full body the next, as well as others. You might do 15 minutes of interval runs on the treadmill before switching to the floor to work on tricep dips or jack knifes using dumbbells for 20 minutes. Your body won’t know what’s coming next, which is a good thing. Throughout the class the trainer calmly issues instructions on a crystal clear microphone to each group of people. ‘Treadmill, increase speed to 12’ for example, followed by, ‘Floor, give me a 30-second plank.’

Music: Umm, we can’t remember any of the tracks because we were pretty occupied with trying not to pass out. But we imagine it was electronic music with a BPM of 110+.

Equipment: A big thumbs up to the spongey treadmills, which have been imported from America. Even better than the forgiving surface are the incline and speed buttons that are pre-set so just one push of the ‘12’ button takes you to speed 12, rather than conventional treadmills that require you to jab repeatedly at the up arrow to reach your desired speed.

Locker rooms: Quality shampoo, conditioner and body wash are available in the fantastic overhead rain showers. The locker room is spacious and white and clean with lots of big mirrors and products to send you on your way looking groomed. Plus, the towels are soft and fluffy which is important because you’ll need to be nice to your muscles after the class. 

Price: The first class is AED 80 and AED 120 thereafter. Packages are available too: five classes for AED 575 for example or a pack of 25 for AED 2,620. Monthly memberships start at AED 1,150 for 12 classes in 30 days.

You can find Barry’s Bootcamp at Central Park Towers, DIFC.